Monday, March 26, 2012

Beauty Time

For Christmas my boyfriend gave me a gift card to Eveline Charles, a well known local salon and spa; along with the gift card were a few vouchers, one which was for a facial and chemical peel for a fabulous price. This past Friday, I booked myself a "beauty facial. Eveline Charles defines this as:

"Flawless skin starts here. Designed for when results are of essence, this personalized facial offers it all! Cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, deep tissue massage to face and neck and a soothing mask."

Maybe its because I don't go the spa very often, but I always feel a little uncomfortable and vulnerable when I go; you strip off your clothes, put on a huge robe, and weird flip flops, then wait for them to come get you...Then, half the time, your not really sure what is going on. Especially during a facial, when your eyes are closed for the whole process and you hear all the strange noises around you.

Once I ignored my awkward feelings towards the process, I let myself enjoy my lovely facial. I felt a little bad for the gal doing it though; it probably took her 5 minutes if not more, just to get my eye makeup off!! Once she got all my makeup off, she then cleansed my skin, exfoliated, did a little more cleansing, and a I think some sort of mask which was only left on for a few minutes. Then she steamed my skin so she could do some 'extracting' (ie. squeeze out blackheads). To my surprise, she said I had great skin and didn't even have to do much extracting ( which is kind of painful, might I add). Once that was finished with, she applied a hydrating mask and left me to relax for 15 minutes.The whole process took about an hour, and my skin feels and looks fresh and renewed!

I had a thought that I might share my skin care routine with ya'll in a future post. How does that sound? I always like to hear what other people use on their skin and what secrets they know, that I don't

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