Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Night at Nola

Last night, a couple of girlfriends and I headed to NOLA for a little Mardi Gras party with The Frolics. I had made reservations, which was good thinking! The small space was filled with people ready for a good night of entertainment.

Although it was not was I was expecting, the space was nicely decorated and the atmosphere was warm and sophisticated. I was hoping for a bit more colour, a larger, more open space, and a relaxing feel. Instead, the tables were cloaked in black table cloths, the lights were nicely dim, it was a tad chilly, and the room was a long rectangle, outfitted with rectangle tables and colourful chairs. It was nice, despite what I was hoping for. I imagine it would be a nice place for a date.

Twenty minutes after being seated, we had not been approached by our server, not even to get our drink order. My friend, had to grab the hostess as she walked by to let her know... A waitress came a few minutes later, and did not even apologize. We ordered food and drinks. The food was disappointing all around. We had ordered a variety of dishes, and none of them were anything to brag about.

The Frolics were great as per usual. However, the sound was not the best, which made the first set hard to enjoy. By the second set the sound seemed to have been worked out. The Burlesque dancers were decent- its always interesting to watch whether they are good or not. Although, we did not stay to watch all the girls dance, the second to preform, who was in a lovely mask and belly dancing costume was my favorite- she even had some nipple tassels which she worked liked like a charm

Over all, we had a good night. I'd go back o NOLA for sure- I'm thinking for lunch or on a date.

Here is my first ever outfit post! This is what I wore to NOLA last night:

Top- Rowena.
Dismantled Fashion.
Shoes- Aldo.
Lux De Ville at Rowena

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