Friday, February 24, 2012

Dress Me Dearly & Target giveaway

One of my favorite blogs, Dress Me Dearly, is hosting an amazing giveaway! To celebrate Targets long awaited arrival to Canada, Dress Me Dearly is giving away a handful of items from Jason Wu's collection specially designed for Target. Among these items are a lovely floral handbag and a scarf covered in kittens. Check out Dress Me Dearly's blog for a chance to win these limited edition Jason Wu designs and read about her recent adventure to Ottawas Fashion Week! Feel free to check her out on facebook as well, for updates on local events, fashion, and more!

Yesterday, Target opened a pop up shop in Toronto, featuring Jason Wu's collection. Jason Wu was their himself to watch the magic and take photos with early shoppers. The sales from Thursday Toronto pop up shop were donated to the Toronto United Way.

150 Target stores are set to open in Canada in 2013... and I'm sure one of those will be in Edmonton. Although, its not certain yet what the price range is expected to be , as operating costs are a tad bit higher here than in the States. Although with proper management and marketing, Target is set to be a success, as Canadian shoppers have been hoping the border for years just to shop at Target- their low prices and designer collaborations make fashion affordable to the middle and lower class. The current budget friendly stores available to Canadians, unfortunately are, for the most part, poor quality. Target boast it has high quality goods with fair prices. So, keep an eye out for the new kid in town...showing up in a neighborhood near you in 2013.

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