Friday, March 30, 2012

Western Canada Fashion Week

Fashion week, here in Edmonton, kicked off last night with the Whyte Avenue showcase, Stylist Competition, ECO fashion, Emerging Designers Competition, and Stanley Carrolls Women's Collection. While this is one of the shows I would really like to have gone to, it was also my favorite class at the Lotus Soul Yoga Gym... However, if you would like a recap of the lovely night you can check out fellow local bloggers Dress Me Dearly and Marie a la Mode.

Tonight is the WEM showcase, as well as Isabella Milan ( bridal), Danielle Lowe, Aimy Corbeil, Nazial Couture, Lisa Marie, and Draild. Don't have a ticket? Fear not! You can buy them at the door for

I was lucky enough to win some tickets for tonight's show and am very excited! Believe it or not, despite the venue literally being a block from my apartment,  I have never been! It may be because I didn't really have anyone to go with... but not this year! This year I am popping my cherry and making my way over to the TransAlta Brans for a night of fashion.

I've already been thinking about what to wear! Check back tomorrow to find out for yourselves!

Have a peak at the Western Canada Fashion Week website or facebook page for more exciting info.

In other news... this weekend is looking to be full of fun and excitement. Not only am I headed to the fashion show tonight, I'm off to see The Blue Man Group at the Jubilee tomorrow night. I saw them just a few months ago in Las Vegas. The show was the best I saw (out of the four I went to while there), so when I heard they were coming to Edmonton, I knew I wanted to go again. Have any of you seen them before? It is quite entertaining and not at all what I expected!

Have a great weekend and I hope to post some great photos of mine for you!

xo N

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