Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My first Chemical Peel

On Sunday I returned to Evelyn Charles for my first ever chemical peel. It sounds a little more frightening than it actually is. In fact, I was quite surprised by how quick and easy the appointment was. Like Friday, when I got my facial, I was told to change into the big, hot robe and wait for them to come get me. This time I wasn't given any throw-away-sandals to wear, so I went up to the receptionist to ask for some- I would feel a little silly wearing the big, fluffy robe and my black flats... There was one girl talking to customers about product and another girl behind the desk on her phone, presumably texting. I told her the other girl forgot to give me sandals, and she just asked if I was getting something done with my feet and looked at me kind of blankly... I told her I wasn't, but last time they gave me sandals... By now the other girl came to my rescue, who was instructed by the phone girl to get me some. As we were walking back, she said she was some what new and didn't really know all the weird rules yet- but she was nice and told me she liked my hair, so it didn't really matter that the other girl made me feel a little embarrassed.

I was given a waiver to sign saying sometimes things go wrong, etc, etc. Once signed, I was taken into a small room to get the process started. The lady told me everything she was going to do, how long she would leave the masks on, what to expect, etc, etc. First, she cleansed my skin ( I didn't wear a ton of makeup this time), then she put on a clay mask for 5 minutes, to extract the impurities. After that, she put on the chemical peel. She told me some people find it painful or extremely uncomfortable, while others don't feel anything. I didn't feel much, just a bit of tingling in my forehead. The mask only stays on for 2 minutes, so it wasn't a big deal. She gave a me a little hand massage while we waited the 2 minutes out. She took off the mask, moisturized the heck out of my face, gave me a little head massage, and it was all over- in about 45 mins!

My face was a little red afterwards- mostly around my nose. But it wasn't anything to extreme. I was told I should come back in two weeks for another one, and that ideally I should get 6 done to see the most results. At $180 a pop, I'm not sure how many I will be getting done, even though I'd love to get it done on a regular basis. I always say being proactive is key!

I was a little nervous my face would turn out like Samantha when she got her first chemical peel. Luckily, it was nothing like that! I will keep you posted if I decide to go back for another one.

Samantha, from Sex and the City

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