Monday, March 19, 2012

River Valley Vixen Boot Camp

I'm so excited about this, I want to share it with you right me-ow! My friend and I are running our very own boot camp this spring! My friend is a certified personal trainer and I've been to tons, plus love working out!

If you happen to live near by, you can long as your a lady! I haven't got the poser or logo made quite yet, but I'm hoping to have it done this week.

Here some basic info in case your interested:

The boot camp runs from the beginning on May to the end of July. There will be two 1.5hour workouts each week. For all 12 weeks it only costs $450, which is a steal and I would know ( I've paid some crazy money for some boot camps). Like most, this boot camp is outdoors- rain or shine- in Edmon tons own river valley, thus our name: River Valley Vixen!

You can check out our facebook page, which is still being worked on. But like I said, I'm so pumped for this, I wanted to share- even if all the kinks have been worked out quite yet.

Have you done any boot camps before?! What did you like or dislike about them?

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