Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday in Review

A few girlfriends and I went checked out the vintage pop up shop yesterday afternoon. While I didn't find anything ( besides a belt) that I liked, I think may others probably found some treasures. I think the majority of people who wear vintage in Edmonton, are hipsters and indie kids, who are less into authentic, beautiful, 50's pieces, and more into unique, awkward, 80's pieces. That being said, I found there were more 70's and 80's pieces at the pop up shop. However, I also heard that it was really busy on Friday and perhaps all the good stuff got snatched up then. But like I said, I think it was a great idea and this is the kind of thing Edmonton needs more of.
After we checked out the shop, we went next door to a very busy Duchess. I'm sure we waited in line for 20-30 mins, but it was worth it. Once we finished eating our goodies we strolled down the street to Redemption Boutique- an alternative clothing store. Then we checked out Thread Hill- a high end clothing store. Buried on the sale rack in the back of the store I found a great Betsey Johnson top and a l0vely, patterned sheath dress ( pictures to come).

My one friend and I then made out way to City Center to a little shopping. Nine West had some great shoes on sale and I picked myself up a nice, sophisticated pair of pumps.

Later that night I cleaned the heck out my closet, which was long over due. Now, I have room for more new clothes!

xoxo N.

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  1. I love those heels! So chic!