Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dange De Lux has moved!

Cats and Kittens ( and lovely 7 followers) I have moved!! Check me out over here: at my re vamped and very own blog!! Sign up for emails, leave me a comment, ya know, the usual!!


Friday, May 18, 2012

...movin on up

I have been thinking about my blog lately... thinking about what its missing...  Right now, it doesn't have much direction and its slowly chugging along. I intend to give it a little more purpose and pazazz! While, I have yet to find a local blog which features alternative lifestyle, I think I need to do just that. I hope to feature local photographers, businesses, models, and bands. I also hope to get some guest posts going , as well, so if any of your fellow bloggers out there would like to have a guest post, please let me know. I'm still working on the layout, and well, that's coming along slowly as well- if any one out there fancy's giving me a hand, that would be appreciated too! So, stay tuned for exciting things to come in the future. Lets get Danger De Lux up and running full force; I will need your help though! Please share my blog with your friends and fellow bloggers! I would love that little extra motivation to make things awesome, if I know there are cats and kittens out there who are reading and loving my blog!!

xoxo. N

Friday, May 11, 2012

Betseys Going Out of Business Sale

I'm sure you have all heard by now that Betsey Johnson has gone bankrupt. While Betsey herself isn't going anywhere, the majority of her stores will be closing- save for a few in New York, Cali, etc. Her items will still be available in department stores, just her bubbly, pink stand alone stores will start to disappear before our eyes.

I'm sure there are many reasons for this unfortunate occurrence, but nonetheless, it was a sad day for all fashion loving gals to get the news.  In my inbox this morning, was an email to let me know of the huge "going out of business" sale online and in stores. So, I guess this may be one of your last chances to grab an iconic Betsey Johnson piece for yourself. Head to the website, or if your lucky enough to live near a store, make your way on down- I'm sure things will be going quickly.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sassy Summer Must Haves

Sorry for the lull in posts. I have been super busy these days planning boot camp, working out, day dreaming of vacations, and the like.I figured as it seems summer is finally here, Id share some summer must haves with ya'll.


 - Hellbunny Swing Dresses . These fab dresses come in a ton of different patterns and are perfect for the summer!! If your shopping on line head to JBR Clothing to find a ton of Hellbunny Dresses. If you live in Edmonton, you can find them at Rowena on Whyte Ave. Just a hint- if you are getting one like the Vonnie below,with the elastic back, its suggested to size down.
Hell Bunny Motley 50's Red Dress

Hell Bunny Green Tiger lily Dress

Hell Bunny Vonnie 50's dress

- Vamp Tops and Vintage Bustier Tops by PinupGirl Clothing. You can find Pinup Girl Clothing online, or shop local at Rowena. These little tops are pair perfect with high waisted skirts and pants. Just remember to put sunscreen on those shoulders on yours! 

-Swing Skirts by Rockabetty. Shop online at the Rockabetty website, or if your in Winnipeg, stop by their new location once its open 121-B Osborne Street ( keep updated by following them on facebook). Nice and breezy, these sassy swing skirts are great for sweltering nights where you still want to look rockin.

The Monster Mash Skirt
Dangling Spiders Skirt
Cherry Print Swing Skirt

-The Beverly and The Sweetie Dress by Heartbreaker; perfect little summer dresses that come in a ton of different patterns. Shop online at Heartbreaker Fashions website, or head down to Rowena to shop local.

Stay tuned for more summer must haves in the up coming weeks!! What are you excited to wear this summer?!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Style Icon: Micheline Pitt

I've decided to start a new and regular post- Style Icons. Just as the name suggests-  I want to share with you some of my fashion and style icons- both past and present. Featuring sassy gals who have great style and beauty tips

To kick things off, one of my most recent and new found "Style Icons" is none other that the lovely Micheline Pitt.

Micheline Pitt is not only a fantatsic makeup artist, and hair stylist, she is also an artst, model, and clothing designer for Deadly Dames (via Pin Up Girl Clothing). Micheline has posted some tutorials on youtube, where she dishes out some amazing hair and makeup tips and makes them look like a breeze; she also comes off as very down to earth which makes her even more likable (and rateable).

This gal even tried out for Americans Next Top Model- and no doubt didn't make it past episode one, because of her kick ass tattoos and amazing personal style.

Micheline is set to release her first hair how to DVD right away, so keep an eye out for that. The youtube tutorials she has released thus far, show easy to achieve but rockin styles that any gal could accomplish at home with a few key tools.

Micheline's style is the kind I love most- rockabilly and 50's/60's vintage. While she is often decked out In Pin Up Girl Clothing's sassy, vintage inspired items, she also has some amazing vintage pieces, which she occasionally alters and restores. I get the feeling a lot of girls get inspiration from Micheline, and why not? She is hard working and gorgeous; not to mention, she does a ton of DIY, connects with her fans, and makes herself available to other girls out there who have beauty and style questions. 

For more, check out Micheline's facebook page, twitter, and Pin Up Girl Clothing

* All photos taken from Google.

xoxo N.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Time Livin'

Its looks like summer may just have arrived. There are tons of events happening in the next few months, so lets get prepared, so no one misses out on something great!

April 28th: The Raygun Cowboys album release at The Pawn Shop
April 28th: On the Spot Pop Up Craft Sale @ The Blue Sky Art Lofts
May 5 & 6: Royal Bison Craft Fair @ 8426 Gateway Blvd
May 6th: Pop Up Noodle Shop for one night only, next to Duchess on 124st. Enjoy hand made Ramen!
May 12th: Revernd Horton Heat returns to shake things up at The Starlight Room
May 27th: MS Enerflex Walk. I'll be there doing my very first 10km run!
June 8-10: Open Sky Music Festival
July 24-29:Mary Poppins comes to Edmonton! Find tickets at ticketmaster.

And the usual suspects
July 6- 15: The Calgary Stampede
July 20-29: Capital Ex
June 29-30:Boonstock Music Festival
July 26-July 22: Shakespeare in the Park
Aug 2-5: The Big Valley Jamboree
Aug 4-6: Heritage Days
Aug 16-26: The Fringe Festival

Keep posted for more events to come as I get word. If you have an event you'd like me to share, let me know in the comments

I can't wait for this summer! I have so much I want do - hiking in Jasper, camping in Drumheller, garage sale-ing, road trips.... its looking like a good summer for sure

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Annalise By Pin Up Girl Clothing

Although I already own a few pieces from Pin Up Girl Clothing, I have only just recently realized how beautiful their clothing is and how I want it all! Unfortunately, the saying is true... Money Doesn't Grow On Trees, and therefor my mail box and shopping bags are not filled with gorgeous Pin Up Girl items... well, that's not entirely true... I do have one dress happily on its way in the mail.

I saw this oh so cute Pin Up Girl dress on their website the other day. I think it is just darling, and it too, joins my growing list of things I hope to have.

Can you see why I like it so much? First of all, its black, which is always my first choice. But it also has some very cute, and retro feeling pink elephants, who just happen to be tipsy- naughty elephants!

While at one point I thought these types of dresses ( not just this brand) were too expensive- and occasionally I do still think that- I have noticed that the prices don't seem so steep anymore (maybe they have gone down, or maybe I'm not so stingy anymore); and when you take into consideration the quality of the product, well, it all evens out in the end. With my new frame of mind (ie. spending more for better quality), I hope to make this dress my own. And to my delight, my favorite local boutique, Rowena, posted that they have just received the Annalise Dress with pink elephants and have put it out in the floor to be gobbled up by happy shoppers.

If you would like to make to beauty your as well, you can find it on the Pin Up Girl website:

Or if you live near by you can, like mention, find it at Rowena, located at 10762-82ave. Check out their facebook page for hours.